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The 2020 Swansboro Mullet Festival scheduled for October 10-11 was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This event brings thousands to our town while serving as a reunion for many. The Town of Swansboro wanted to provide a place for the vendors to showcase their wares and offer patrons to purchase their merchandise. Browse and shop vendors by clicking on the link provided to connect directly to the vendor.

Virtually stroll through Swansboro Mullet vendors in the following categories: Painting, Jewelry, Photography, Wood Craft, Educational, Apparel, Home Business, Food, and Other Artwork and Craft.


Special thanks to the 2020 Festival Sponsors, their contributions support the festivals each year. Be sure to check out the Sponsor Spotlights.  

Come see us next year on October 9-10!

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Cathy Martin
Hotshots by Cathy



Wood Craft




What the Fin/Purple Tuna Tees
Home Business


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Quinton Collins

Pop-Nana's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream

Facebook: Pop-Nana's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream

Other Artwork & Craft

Ramona Small

Calico Cat Crafts

Meghan Connor

The Coral Anchor 

Naida Koraly

Ah Life Designs

Chris Oliver

Beach Paradise Air Plants

Bethany Cordero/Joan Snyder

Sew Darlin' Stitches

Kristine Remlinger


Gary Clapper

Sporty Crafts